About Cheryl L. Coffee

Cheryl Lynn Coffee was born in Princeton, New Jersey. From the age of ten, she has known that she wanted to be a geologist. She received a bachelor’s degree in Geosciences in 1993 from Rider University. At that time, there were limited opportunities for Geologists, so she accepted a job as an environmental consultant. For the last fifteen years she has been employed as an environmental manager and consultant.

As a consultant, she was afforded the opportunity to travel along the east coast of the United States. The sites, views and vistas along the way sparked her imagination. As geologist, textures, colors and feel are key parts of the identification process. Since taking a rock outcrop or a beautiful patch of flowers home is not always practical, she turned to photography. For her, photography is a way to capture all of those senses. Her goal in taking photographs is for the viewer to be able to look at the image and want to reach out and touch the image. The image should elicit a strong connection to your senses.

Growing up she was inspired by the work of Ansel Adams. Most of the photos she takes are local to her home in Yardley, Pennsylvania. She tries to capture the detail of even ordinary subjects; hopefully to inspire other people to find the beauty in their own backyard. Every day she spends trying to protect the earth from the damage we do as humans. Photography is the way that she reconnects with nature and renews the drive to continue to make the planet a better place to live.

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